All I Want for Christmas

There are so many things I could wish for at Christmas time.

Peace on Earth.

Good will toward all humankind.

A best-selling book.

Heck, even a boatload of cash would be welcome, but I think I’m going to set my sights a little bit lower. Are you ready to hear my Christmas holiday wish?

Here it is: all I want is a review. If you have read/listened to/watched something I have done and gotten anything from it, please leave me a review on it. Goodreads, Amazon, Chapters-Indigo, Barnes & Noble, Wattpad, iTunes. Wherever, it doesn’t matter. Just leave one.

It helps spread the word, it helps me know what, if anything, people are getting from my work and it helps boost sales. And, if you wanted to throw something in that old Christmas stocking for me as well, talk to someone you know about my work. Tell them why they might like it too.

Viral marketing is the best way I know to get the word out, especially on a limited/non-existant budget.

And while you are at it, think about some other worthy creative-types and do the same thing for them. It costs nothing but some time and can create an enormous amount of goodwill.

And, as always, I would love to hear directly from you too. 🙂

Happy holidays.


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