Starting a New Month

NaNoWriMo is over for another year and that could mean time to relax. It certainly has in past years. But I’ve made a decision to keep going after NaNo was complete.

That decision was made  because I am so close to finishing three books I can almost taste it. My NaNo novel (Scouts of the Apocalypse 3) is less than 10,000 words away from first draft completion. In fact, I wrote another 1,400 words on it yesterday and I think I might even be within 5,000 words of completion.

That alone is enough to keep me going but I’m also within 2,000 words of completing Jack Kane and the Kaiser. GalaxyBillies, is also within about 15,000 words of being finished.

Enough motivation indeed.

I will also be editing those books. So, once I finish Scouts 3, I will be editing it while I continue writing GalaxyBillies and Jack Kane. When those are done, I will continuing editing and start work on Mik Murdoch 4. Like I said, lots to motivate me forward.

I’m just trying to keep that NaNoWriMo feeling alive.


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