So Close I Can Almost Taste It

One of my personal writing issues is I sometimes gloss over scenes. Usually that happens when I’m in a hurry to move onto the next scene or I am struggling to find the right way to put my vision into words. My editors, without fail, call me on it and force me to put in the time a scene needs to flesh it out.

I’m working very hard not to do that right now with the ending of Scouts 3. I am so very close to being done, I can almost taste it. I know that I could skimp on the ending and fix it when I revise it, but I don’t want to take that shortcut. I want to get it right (or a close facsimile of right) the first time.

So, I didn’t type, “The End” last night. I left myself something for tonight…and maybe tomorrow.

Then, I will put the book aside for a week and get editing Jack Kane and the Kaiser. There are still a few words to add at the end, but I can start editing now. I would love nothing more than to send it to my publisher before Christmas. She’s only been asking about the book for six months or so at this point. I really need to get it to her and off my plate.

Then…Mik Murdoch 4. I don’t have any idea of a title yet. Just a general, “this is what the overarching plot will be and these are the characters and this is the theme.”



  1. I would be a fool not to listen to my editors (including you, might I add). All my editors help to make everything I do better. 🙂

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