I Just Typed “The End” on Scouts 3

I just typed the words, “The End”, on Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie Masters.

Let me just savour that for a moment.

“The End” normally means something is finished. For we writers, it only signifies the beginning. There are still edit passes (both developmental and line), a cover, layout, getting the book to the printers, promotion and so on. Clearly, there is lots left to do.

But, it means I wrote my novel from start to finish in 36 days. Is it perfect? Hardly, but a first draft (and I feel confident saying this) never is. But there is something there for me to edit now.

And this series, this trilogy, is now one giant step closer to being finished.

As I typed the end, I knew in my heart that the characters go on with their lives. I don’t know what those lives will be like, but they are all feeling a true sense of closure to something that has dominated their every waking hour since I started the series.

To a certain extent, it has dominated my thoughts as well, clamouring for attention along with all the other characters and stories I have yet to write.

I already know the four books I will be working on next year. One, I feel comfortable mentioning since it will be my very next work-in-progress. That is Mik Murdoch 4. The other three…let’s just say, time will determine the order of those and whether they get finished in 2018 or not.

For now, I’m going to be satisfied with my work tonight. Tomorrow is another day.



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