Sick and Tired

Lately I have been having difficulty writing, editing, podcasting…well, basically doing anything but sitting and vegging out.  Part of that is because I am sick and most of it is because I am tired. The combination doesn’t lend itself to creativity.

That isn’t to say I’m not doing any of the aforementioned activities. Far from it. It just means that they are all much harder to do than usual.

It also means that I don’t feel like I’m getting enough done every day.

It will pass, of course. It always does, so for now, I’ve just to keep slogging away to get my work done.

I can’t imagine I’m alone in this. 🙂



  1. I totally understand and am in a similar place. I no longer get to write at day job, so trying to fit and adjust writing, reading and podcasting into after wiork . it is tough training my mind to write when I used to relax, but I assume it will get easier in time. Add to that my first child comes in a month….

    I guess we just keep trying until it gets easier by being a habit.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Tim. Even habits can be dropped occasionally when one is tired, but a habit is much easier to get back into. I’m slowly getting there. 🙂

    And congratulations on your impending Dadhood.

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