GalaxyBillies 2 is Almost Finished

One of my projects you may only have a peripheral view of is my GalaxyBillies book series. The first GalaxyBillies was a podcast novel that I eventually ported over as a Wattpad exclusive title. I’ve always wanted to write more in that universe and, approximately a year ago, I started writing GalaxyBillies 2, also for Wattpad.

As a book that has no contract and doesn’t stand to earn any money on Wattpad, it has often had to take a back seat to my other projects. That’s why, more than a year later it is only just approaching completion.

It is also more raw than my published works because, as I write a chapter, I post that chapter. It has minimal edits and, because it is done one piece at a time, continuity could be a problem.

Is it my best writing? Actually, at times it certainly is. Overall, no. Not yet anyway. But that’s okay. It is another way to read my writing. And, I’ve had interest from several publishers so there is hope that one day it will see print.

But not until I complete a couple of my current series.

Still, the completion of a book is a big deal for me. I’m excited that, at over 83,000 words and growing (it will likely be complete at ~87,000) I am almost ready to type “The End”.

If you consider Wattpad to be a form of publishing, it will be my eighth published novel and first of 2018.

GalaxyBillies is my homage to both Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. As such, the series holds a special place in my heart. If you would like to have a look, you can find my Wattpad work here.


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