GalaxyBillies has been Accepted into Podiobooks

I am very excited to announce that GalaxyBillies will be available on as of January 26, 2011.

I’ve wanted the story on Podiobooks almost since I began writing it and I’m glad to start the new year with it in the queue for release.

Please stop by and have a look around. It is a great site and I know you will enjoy what they have to offer. And while you’re at it, please tell your friends about GalaxyBillies. Let them know that it will be available on the 26 and encourage them to have a listen.

Thanks and enjoy.



  1. Michell,

    This story is hilarious. I find myself cracking up outloud when I’m listening.

    I was going to leave some comments on podiobooks but didn’t see an option other than the rating system.

  2. Hello Kevin and thank you for the comment. I appreciate it. Not sure what was going on with Podiobooks, but the link for “Discuss this book” is now there.

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