Setting the Record Straight

For those of you who read the site last week, you know that Sean was asking for feedback on what to do next.  He was also asking the SWN team to “weigh in” and comment on where they see the site going.

You’ll also know that my entry didn’t quite fit the theme.

All I can say is “Guilty as charged”.  You see, I was out of town for work all last week, so I pre-wrote my article on Sunday, well before Sean ever brought forth the week’s “Theme”.  I knew it was pre-write or risk missing my posting date, so I took the former path way.

That’s not to say I don’t have anything to say about where I would like to see the site go.  Quite the opposite really, so as I’ve heard said in the past, “Better late than never”.

When I signed on to write on this site, the idea was to share the experiences of 5 fledgling writers.  To talk about our personal challenges and what we did to overcome them.  To reach out and provide motivation and support to those people who chose to read what we have to say.

I don’t believe those primary goals have changed.  I know, they are still MY main reasons for being here.

With that in mind, there are definite directions that we can go.  For example, expanding our posting team to include guest writers; have them bring their thoughts to the site.  In my mind, these should be people who are at different places in their writing careers than the five of us; Published authors, editors and the like.  It could also be other writers out there who have a completely different writing voice than the five of us.

I also like the idea of displaying some of our writing.  It’s always nice to see how someone is approaching something as opposed to hearing it described.  It will also give everyone (ourselves included) a good view into the evolution of our writing as well.

Finally, I want to really re-enforce the whole “Writing Community” idea.  While I know that writing tends to be a solitary effort, Nanowrimo really showed me how important having a community of contacts/friends/colleagues is to getting the writing done.  I would love to get to know those of you who come to our site, whether you’re writers, editors, publishers or well-wishers.  Everyone one of you can add something unique to what we are trying to do.

So there you are… a few thoughts of my own… some more fleshed out than others.  What are your ideas?


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