On the Road… Again

June is promising to be one of the busiest months on record for me.  I mean, I’ve already been to Vancouver for 2-days, I’m currently in Toronto for 5-days and I’ve got a 2-week vacation coming up on the 23rd.  That doesn’t even begin to account for all the driving-type stuff I’ve been doing (and will be doing) on weekends.

Yup, busy pretty much describes it.

And, I’ve got to admit that I’ve been stressing a bit about getting my writing commitments properly taken care of.  Naturally, there’s the weekly posts here (for those of you who still read them) and there was the little “First Chapter Contest” for The Writing Show.  Oh yeah, and all the other projects I’m “trying” to work on.

It truly makes me appreciate technology.  How else could I possibly hope to get it all done from wherever I happen to be?  In fact, that is one of the many reasons I want to make writing my vocation; being able to do it anywhere.

It was technology that allowed me to complete my Nanowrimo Novel in 3-weeks.  We (my family and I) spent some time away from home last November.  Still, I took my laptop with me and managed to write every night.  While I could have done that with pencil (pen?) and paper, it wouldn’t have been quite as efficient.

And here I am now, logged into the site to complete my weekly post, some 2700 Km away from home.  Funny, from where I’m sitting, things don’t look much different.

(opens curtain and looks outside)  Ah yes, now I remember where I am.  Now where was I?  Writing on the road, I believe…

Ahem… so to continue, it’s been interesting… grueling at times, but still interesting.  I’ve had the chance to see new places and people, eat some good food and stay in nice hotels.  It still isn’t as good as being at home.  Not that I’m complaining.  Just mentioning that there ISa difference.

In this case, it gives me the added benefit of having some (not much, mind you) time to  sit in silence and write.  No kids, no yard work, no other projects.  Granted I could be answering work related emails or some such, but those will always be there.

I did manage to get my submission sent to PaulaB at The Writing Show.  I was a bit worried to be honest with you.  The deadline is the 15th and I won’t be home again until the 18th.  It had to be done from here.  It turned out pretty good (although I could probably fine tune it for another month or so), and in and amongst the late nights, I managed to finally send it.  Now to wait, but not stand still.  The contest states that all feedback may not arrive until November.  I’ll be deep into Nanowrimo then.

Sigh (looks out window again)… It has been a good trip although I will be glad to fly homewards.  Even when I land, I won’t be able to go home though.  The family and I are headed camping to my sister-in-law’s for the yearly rodeo.  But it will all give me more great experiences for story fodder and as a source of appreciation for home.

What kind of travel/writing experiences have you had?  I know Terry was slowed a bit on his trip to Calgary (sorry we weren’t able to hook up, btw).  How about you?  What methods/tips/tricks do you use to keep going?


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