Daron, Aaron Stole My Post Title

Yup, there you have it… I had planned to name this post:  Nanowrimo – Week 1, but few things in the world and in writing are original, titles included.  Granted, Aaron’s post comes a day before mine, so I’ll gracefully bow to his use of the words.

I still DO want to talk about how my first week went, just like Aaron did in his post though.  That much I won’t change.  Much like Aaron, I learned a few things during the first week, and not exactly the same things either.  I will say that it reaffirmed a couple things that Aaron commented on:

  1. writing is hard work
  2. 5,000 words doesn’t seem like much when you read them.

Yup and double-yup.  As I’ve said before, my first short-story in many years took me almost a year to complete (including editing).  Ergo, hard work.  And to the second point, I was very excited when I exceeded 5,000 words on my book… that is until I printed them out and put them in a duo-tang.  Not quite so exciting, I must say.

But I’ve also learned a couple new things in the past seven days.  Some of them were obvious when I thought about them.  Let me list them for you:

  1. I like having solid goals – boy oh boy is this true!  Having that goal of 1,667 words per day lit a true fire under my butt.  I don’t like missing deadlines so it REALLY motivated me.  I think to date, I’m averaging something like 2,600 words per day.
  2. I’m pretty competitive – but in a nice, fuzzy, friendly way.  The competition is ultimately myself (and that 50,000 word goal), but also I’m pitting myself against every last person out there.  There has already been at least one person hit the 50K mark (I think after day 2), but I can still try to be in the top 10%.
  3. I can write AND have fun at the same time.  It’s interesting, but on some projects, it’s been a really REALLY tough slog.  There are definitely some difficult times in this writing, but as long as I focus on pounding out words and leave the editing until later, I can enjoy doing it.
  4. I can actually write scenes that evoke an emotional response (at least in me anyway)… I found myself with tears in my eyes while writing one particular scene.  That would be great except I’m trying to write humor here (or maybe it only hurts when I laugh).

The third point (listed above) is one that is very important to me.  I’ve always believed (and sometimes even said) that the goal to working happiness is to do something you love.  I feel that love affair burgeoning with my writing.  If I can make a career doing what I really enjoy I’ll have it made in the shade.

The laser-like focus has also had a side benefit.  My writing has become a true priority (along with my family, my friends and a couple select commitments).  I’m actually becoming more productive (or attentive, take your pick) with all of them because I’m having to prioritize what I’m doing that much better.  It’s great!  I actually believe that I can write books in my spare time without months and years having to pass before they are complete.  All that without sacrificing the other things that are important to me.

And, I’m VERY proud of the SWN team.  Every one of them has been pounding away at their respective keyboards and are making dents in the 50,000 word total.  Some more than others (no names please), but everyone of us has a busy life.  The progress is fantastic. 

The five of us have already managed to exceed 50,000 words; one novel down, four to go.  And I know that all of you are waiting breathlessly as to the result of last night’s word war between Aaron and myself.  Well, in 30 minutes I managed 1,472 words total.  Aaron had… well let’s just say he had somewhat less than 1,472.  Alas, the exact number escapes me.

Now, Mr. Kite… I believe you owe me a round…


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