Review: Old Man’s War by John Scalzi

oldmanswarOld Man’s War is one of those books that starts up with a totally unexpected premise and then goes on to tell a truly entertaining story that leaves you wanting more.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a fan of this book. So much so that I’ve actually read it a few times.

The book tells the story of John Perry, a 75-year-old man who enlists with the Colonial Defense Forces. His mission? To go to the stars and defend humanity against the numerous alien races that would do us harm.

Not exactly a normal, everyday thing to happen or read about.

John quickly learns that what he knew on Earth has very little bearing on the big bad universe. He also learns how a 75-year-old man can be expected to be a soldier.

There are many things to like about this book. The characters are rich, the voice of the novel is a bit snarky (which I like) and the adventures are action packed. The aliens are appropriately nasty too. It is definitely a vision of the universe I wasn’t expecting.

And for those of you who enjoy reading several books in the same series, there are several more in the Old Man’s War universe to enjoy.

Rating: 5/5


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