When Life Gives you Lemons…

Yesterday was a difficult day for me.

After being on the road all day for work, I was asked by my wife to help her move the bed of a lady that she helps out at the Nursing Home. That isn’t a big deal, but this lady is nearing the end of her life and is quite out of it at the moment.

So, I went to help and, after three hours of very emotional work, we had her settled in a better bed, had the truck packed with the old bed and were on our way home.

So why the difficulty (other than seeing a lady I’ve known for a long while in distress)?

Well, she is refusing food and liquid nourishment of any kind and is deteriorating. Because of that, her mind is playing tricks on her and she thinks everyone is out to get her including my wife who has spend untold hours helping her over the past years.

It showed me the depths of compassion and patience that my wonderful wife has and it also demonstrated how fragile the human mind and body are. It was powerful and frightening and I expect it will find itself into my fiction at some point.




  1. I hope things get a little better for you. I know how hard things like that can be.

    On a similar note, The first thing I thought of when you started talking about this poor ladies symptoms was, hmmm going to have to write something about that. Evil minds think a like I guess.

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