What Should You Write?

Do you ever wonder if you should be writing for specific trends in the book industry? Genre fiction, especially Science Fiction and Fantasy seems to be especially susceptible to trends. One day it might be dragons, the next zombies. Oh look, vampires that glitter.

While it might work to see what’s coming and write for it, you need to keep in mind that getting a book from manuscript to shelf can be a very long process. It may be that by the time your book is ready, it’s already out of style.

But what if that isn’t a problem. Maybe vampires (for example) as a subject are going to be around for a while and you decide to write a story about them. Except, you don’t really like vampires and the story is grueling to write at best. Maybe you would rather be writing a zombie version of Romeo and Juliette. Chances are good that your vampire story is going to reflect your lack of enthusiasm. So what to do?

All I can suggest is that you write what gets you energized and excited. If the story you are writing doesn’t work for you, how can it possibly be expected to interest your readers? Instead of trying to write something (badly) that follows the marketplace, how about writing something you are passionate about? You will be more productive, probably enjoy the process a whole lot more and, in the end, a better story might emerge.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad idea to try writing something different. Maybe you are having trouble with your vampire novel because you don’t know much about vampires or you are struggling to relate to the characters to make them come alive (or dead as the case may be). It doesn’t hurt to fight your way through just to challenge yourself. After all, one should grow as a writer the more they write, shouldn’t they?

Maybe what you need to do is develop the characters more and throw your own twist into the mix. Stephanie Meyer certainly changed the vampire mythos drastically for her series. I personally don’t like her vampires that much, but she wasn’t writing the story with me in mind. I’m sure her take on vampires works for her which is why the stories resonate with certain members of the reading public.

The important thing to remember is to write, whatever the topic happens to be. You can’t become a better writer if you don’t write. Find something that interests you whether it be fact, fiction, serious or goofy. At the end of the day, the right niche for you to write in is the one that you enjoy the most. Just don’t be afraid to experiment.

Personal Update

For any of you who know me at all, you will know I HATE waiting. While patience is a virtue, it isn’t one that I have an excess of. So you will probably understand if I say that I’m getting all squirmy waiting for news of my YA novel. The publisher who currently has the manuscript assured me that it is being considered. She also mentioned that they are putting their release schedule together right now. And it IS summer too so I would hope they are taking some time to relax. That doesn’t make it any easier though. Still, I sit and wait knowing that the book will be published at some point. I’ve already decided to (publisher willing) podcast the YA novel. While it is targeted at a younger audience, I know adults will enjoy it too. I’m just holding off until I have a signed contract with the blessing of the publisher.

Oh, btw, I have another poll up and available. Take a minute to weigh in please.


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