Waiting (Im)patiently

nailbitingI have a major announcement coming up (Sunday) that has essentially killed my writing productivity. Instead, I’ve been preparing for the announcement and everything it means going forward.

<I know…major teaser with nothing to tell you what is actually happening>

Trust me when I say, the waiting has been VERY difficult. I hate being idle but the creativity just isn’t there so I have to live with it.

I’m not actually writing this post to intentionally tease you either. I just realized that I’ve been silent for almost two weeks and I wanted to let you know I AM still alive.

In other News

I will be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo again this year (as a spectator-only). My publisher, Champagne/Burst Books will be there with JR Murdoch and my book, Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty. If you happen to be at the Expo, please stop by and let Ellen know how happy you are that the book is now in print. Even better, order 10 or 20 copies for yourself and everyone you know. I will be dropping by the table from time to time to sign copies. 🙂

Scouts of the Apocalypse will also be at the Expo. Keep an eye out for it and pick up your very own when you find it. 🙂


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