Today is a Very BIG Day!

Today is a very BIG day in my writing career. Today is the day my 10th published book (both solo and co-written) is available for purchase.

The Goddess Renewed

The book, The Goddess Renewed, represents a number of things to me. It is actually the first book I ever wrote. That may scream amateur to some of you but it has gone through years of edits and rewrites. I am pretty proud of what it looks like now.

It is also my first Adult Fantasy – something I always thought I should be writing. As those of you who are also writers know, what you think you should write isn’t always what you end up with. 🙂

The back blurb on the book is as follows:

When his family disappears, Kalten knows he must find them at any cost. He desserts his post and meets up with an angry young woman with a vendetta of her own. Their chance meeting draws them into a world of intrigue and danger where they must uncover the plot against the crown. With the aid of a former goddess and a rebellious young dragon, they face a world that seems to be rising up against them.

I hope you will give this, my newest book a chance. I would love to hear what you think and please leave a review wherever you can.

Like I said, today is a very BIG day. 🙂


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