Time Flies

Businessman chasing a time - Time and tide wait for no man

I just looked at my last post and realized it has been two weeks since I blogged last. TWO WEEKS! How did that ever happen?

Is it that I don’t have anything to say? Um…sure, let’s go with that. Or maybe not.

In actuality, I have had a couple extremely busy weeks since I last posted. That is, of course, an excuse. Busy or not, if getting a post out was a priority none of the rest of the stuff would have mattered. Unfortunately for the website, everything I was dealing with WAS important.

So, I didn’t blog. I did do a little writing though. I just broke 14,000 words on Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie War.  That is a big deal since I want to have the book ready for edits by January.

I’ve also been doing several pre-Christmas signings. That has been very good, actually. I’ve been trying out a three-book set of Mik Murdoch which has been selling well. The slip cover idea for the three books was one I have been toying with for quite a while. I’m delighted to say, it seems to be working.

It has also reminded me of the need for Mik 4.

The problem with writing Mik 4 is, I have to finish Scouts 2 and Jack Kane 2 first. Again, those darn priorities getting in the way (btw, priorities are also stopping me from working on a new, shiny project I just thought of – an adult horror this time – which would be my first).

As much as I curse them, priorities are what actually keep me moving forward. They help me to eat the elephant, one bite at a time (and I don’t even like the taste of elephant). 🙂

Gotta keep plugging. I’m still here though. Just a little preoccupied.


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