Things, they are a-changin’

Things have certainly changed since I started podcasting. Even more since I started blogging.

For example, when I first started podcasting, the phrase “Self Publishing” carried a terrible odour. People who claimed to be self-published were held akin to vanity presses. Authors with true aspirations of writing full-time wouldn’t tread anywhere near the idea.

That has changed a great deal. I know many authors who regularly use services like Smashwords to publish their work and make it available for sale. I have also seen and heard rumblings from several people (including both successful writers and publishers) that the major changes we have seen within the publishing industry are only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m still trying to wrap my brain around some of these changes. I know I’m being a tease when I infer but don’t provide details. Those WILL come later though, I promise. I will be featuring a conversation about this very subject on my 50th episode of Get Published which will drop in February.

Suffice it to say, there is money to be made by authors even now. I personally believe that the direction things are going will really help authors of all stripes, myself included.

Stay tuned. I’ll share as soon as I figure out more.

Personal Update

I got another story rejection this week. The rejection was quite nice, but it was disappointing none-the-less. Such is the life of the submitting writer, I suppose.

I also need to do more work on my secret project and I need to get working on my GalaxyBillies revisions.


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