The Tank is Empty

I always try to be upbeat but as the year approaches its end, I find myself out-of-gas. Not my car but my ability to stay creative and going at full speed.

It has been a great year; Dimensional Abscesses, Scouts of the Apocalypse and Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty were all released not to mention the start of Evil Alter Ego Press. I can complain. But all those projects (as well as our first new novel, The Fountain by Suzy Vadori) and the preparation for and travel to Japan for the 2015 World Scout Jamboree have left me feeling pretty wrung out.

That’s okay. A few days rest and recuperation will do wonders. I have a ten-day break coming at the end-of-the-year that should do the trick.

How are you all doing as the year closes out? What do you do to keep your energy up?


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