Talk Isn’t Necessarily Cheap

Once again, I have found a great reason to talk to people. Simply put, I get great new ideas and opportunities from simple conversation.

There have been library visits, convention appearances, award nominations, marketing and promotion opportunities and so many other things that never would have happened if I hadn’t stopped to talk with someone. Take some past examples:

  • Interviewing folks for Get Published has resulted in book contracts.
  • Tweets and then follow-up conversations has resulted in an Anthology (A Method to the Madness: A Guide to the Super Evil).
  • Tweets and then follow-up conversations has resulted in a Steampunk novel (Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty, co-written with JR Murdock).
  • Facebook posts and then follow-up conversations resulted in Action Pack Podcast (which caused Boyscouts of the Apocalypse to be written).

These are only a few examples of why I know talk isn’t cheap. I’ve also met so many wonderful people, I could probably sit for an hour listing names (and another hour trying to remember who I forgot).

Every time something new comes up, it is exciting and mind-expanding. I’ve even had a couple new ideas lately that I can’t yet share. They are awesome though and I hope they come to fruition.

So, to not flog the dead horse too much, talk to people. Hear what they have to say and maybe something new and interesting will come out of it for you.


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