How are you all surviving these days? I know I have good days and I have bad. I’ve had to reduce my time on Twitter because there is so much negativity and ridiculousness going on every day. It feels like people are looking for reasons to be offended and/or offensive.

That is unfortunate because, I’m a pretty social person. I now work from home (which I am still adjusting to a year in) and I’m lucky to be doing so. But since I’m now alone most of the day, social media was a way of seeing other people safely. Except, it doesn’t feel safe any more so I am largely avoiding it.

Writing your way to surviving

When I was writing previous books I would go for walks at lunch-time and work through plot problems. It was amazing how effective focusing on nothing at all and just letting my mind wander was at coming up with solutions. I don’t really do that any more (although I probably should) and it shows. I’ve been struggling more than ever to get words down in an order I can live with. Even worse, I’m still not entirely sure what the exact order of events should be.

So, perhaps it is time to stop typing and put on my outside shoes instead. The weather outside certainly seems to demand it the past few days.

Losing Track of Time

I took my own advice and actually spent time out-of-doors and enjoying my family. We have new additions – a baby and a puppy – both of whom are cuteness to the max.

I had intended to have this post out last week but…well, I didn’t quite manage it.

Still, I will say that the distractions were definitely worthwhile. It has helped me realize something that I should have taken to heart long ago: find and focus on the joys in your life. There are enough opportunities to experience negative things, you don’t have to waste a single moment watching for them to come.


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