Stuck in the Doldrums

I have this nasty (or is it merely foolish?) habit of taking too much on. Too many writing projects, too many volunteer jobs. Just…too many.

I can go great guns for a long period of time but, when I stop to smell the roses I have a hard time getting things going again.

That was the case with the release of Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie War. It was a LOT of work to get it ready and out. Now that it’s in print, I still have work to do promoting it plus there’s all the other stuff. Getting underway on all that other stuff is proving to be difficult.

It doesn’t help that it’s summer and spending time out-of-doors has a stronger appeal than sitting in front of a keyboard. It is the reason I’ve been less present lately than I usually am.

I’m working on it though and I will overcome this round of doldrums just like I’ve done every time in the past.


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