Staying on Track

There are days when I wonder if I’m crazy. I have several commitments every week both at home and away. I work full-time and I try to do things around the house.

Oh yeah, and there’s that writing thing too.

I currently have six short stories I want to write. The trouble is, they all need to be done in the next two months. The problem with that is I also have NaNoWriMo looming over me in November.

As any of you who have a calendar in front of you can probably tell, that’s a lot of writing to finish in the next week or so. In fact, it is so much that I simply cannot do it all.

That means I have to prioritize my projects. Some will get written and some will not. The worst thing I could do right now though is panic. If I do that, I definitely won’t get anything done.

So, my plan is to definitely write two of the six short stories I have in mind. One is not time critical so it can be moved down the priority list. Another is for an anthology that isn’t due until December 20 so it can be done after NaNo and yet another doesn’t have a publishing deal just yet so it can wait a little longer too.

The list suddenly got much more manageable, I think. Not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but more easier. I think I can start breathing again.

Now to finish plotting my NaNoNovel and I will have it made in the shade. That and I need to start writing in those tiny bite-sized time-slots that are available to me.

How are you doing?

Personal Update

It’s odd, but I thought finishing GalaxyBillies would give me all this free time. What I forgot to factor in is the fact that Scouts and Cubs started the week I finished GB so I’m no further ahead. It feels like I’m barely treading water but I know I’ll make it through… somehow.

I also had a great time at Con-Version 26 which is the local SciFi/Fantasy convention. I got to meet David B. Coe, and in fact sat a panel with him. Doing the panel was great fun and I can’t wait to do another.


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