Savour the Moment, But Don’t Rest on Your Laurels

As you may or may not know, on the 4th of July I had my first story published. It is a short story titled “Apprentice” and published by the new e-press/audio press Flying Island Press. It isn’t the first story I’ve sold. That will be coming out in the August 2010 issues of Sorcerous Signals (free e-magazine) and Mystic Signals (print – available on

Both of these stories represent firsts for me. First sale and first to see publication. They also represent a LOT of work; I’ve been writing for several years to get to this point.

It feels really good to be able to share these accomplishments with you and I am enjoying the feeling.

It would be very easy to say to myself: “There, I’ve accomplished my goal. Time to move on.” Except, I’ve only accomplished the very first of my goals. Ultimately, I want to make my living as an author. This is just the first step.

So what other steps do I see happening? Let me tell you about some of the other firsts I see happening before I become a full-time writer:

  • have a story in an anthology;
  • sell my first book – YA;
  • sell my first book – Adult;
  • sell my first series;
  • get an agent.

None of these firsts are in any particular order. I’ve made a decision that I won’t do an agent search until I have at least one book sold. It may be that the agent will come before I sell a series or after. Who knows when I’ll sell a story into an Anthology.

All of the above firsts have something in common. They all require that I keep writing. They also need me to keep networking and putting my name out there. In other words, I’ve got to keep my nose to the grindstone and I’m OK with that.

I start suffering withdrawal when I’m not writing every day. I guess that means I can no longer deny it, I am a writer. That’s a very good thing considering all the stories I still have to tell. I’ve got ideas for at least four different series, all in different genres. How’s that for a challenge?

Thank you to everyone who has supported me to this point and stick around, the best is yet to come.

Personal Update

As I mentioned above, my first short story has been published. I am very grateful to have made the cut for Flying Island Press’ first issue of Flagship. I have plans to write another story to submit for their second issue. Maybe lightning will strike twice.

I’m also tossing some ideas around for a Flash Fiction Anthology called ‘Rigor Amortis‘. It has a very fun concept: it is a Zombie Erotica/Romance anthology and it is accepting submissions until July 15th.

GalaxyBillies is kicking into high gear. I’ve really got to get writing on it because I will be gone for three weeks in August. I don’t want to leave my listeners in the lurch so I have set myself a very aggressive writing schedule. I also want to get it done because I have another big project looming. I can’t say anything more about it, but it will be a LOT of fun to write.

I owe several people book reviews/critiques/blurbs so I am increasing my reading time to accommodate. You will be seeing/hearing several in the coming weeks.

Last update: I’m still revising my YA novel. I’m now 1/4 finished the revisions. This is another project I’m not letting slide. It needs to be done and to the publisher by the end of the summer (self-imposed deadline).

All this and I am job hunting BIG time. Need to get back to it so I’m spending a couple hours every day searching, applying, responding, etc.


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