Everything is Coming Together

A couple days ago I received word from my publisher that my author’s copies were on their way. That was exciting enough, but yesterday the t-shirts and book cards I ordered arrived.

Those two events made everything feel more real than ever.

And to put a thick layer of icing on my cake, I got an email from my home town public library, inviting me to come back and do an author visit to promote the new book.

Just for the record, it took me almost eighteen months after Mik Murdoch: Boy Superhero was published to get my first visit. Being invited before the sequel is released is a definite improvement (and in the spirit of full disclosure, the library manager who invited me hadn’t even started the job when Mik 1 came out – he got me in after he was settled in the position).

So, now I need to arrange a couple interviews with other podcasts…get a couple (positive reviews out there…the book launch is set for When Words Collide…

I guess all that’s left is to hire that sky writer to start putting the message out over the city and I’ll be set. 😉


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