Prix Aurora’s – Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero is Eligible

Everyone who has ever participated in anything has thought about excelling at that anything and being recognized for their brilliance.

That’s not a broad, sweeping and generalized statement, is it?

Still, I think it’s true. If you were a great speller in school, you wanted the teacher to give you a gold star for your work. When you participated in sports, you wanted to win the championship. When you played Monopoly, you tried to win the game.

And so it is with writing.

When I started writing, I hoped that one day I would win awards for my work and gain fame and wealth for it too. I put the awards and accolades more as back pocket priorities, but they still were things I dreamed about when I had some time.

It seems that today is the day where that could happen. Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero qualifies for Canada’s Prix Aurora awards. All it needs is for people to first nominate it, then vote for it.

That’s not so hard, is it?

There is one, small catch. You have to be Canadian to nominate. If you aren’t Canadian but know a few Canucks out there, encourage them to vote. Every nomination and vote counts.

If you are interested in helping me out, check out:


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