Pins and Needles

pins and needlesI am sitting on pins and needles right now and for good (I think) reason. Book 3 in my Mik Murdoch series (Mik Murdoch, Crisis of Conscience) is about to launch and like many authors about to launch a book, I don’t know if people will love or hate it.

Just for the record, I hope it is universally loved. Shocking revelation, I know. 🙂

I will say, I was told by a beta reader, “It’s the best thing you’ve ever written.” All I can say to that is, “Thanks Mom!” 😉

Seriously though, the eBook is already available everywhere for pre-order. Where the excessive worry comes from is the print version. I am waiting on the proof copy before I approve the print copy for print. It was supposed to arrive yesterday at my house…except no one was home to accept it so it went back into the dark void that is the courier network. Since I am out-of-town until August after today for work, if I don’t get it today, the print version will be late to launch. I want to ensure it’s as perfect as we can make it before I put it up for sale.

And therein lies the additional stress.

It wouldn’t be the biggest disaster ever if the book is released August 15th in print, but it would throw a monkey wrench into a number of things that are on the go.

Here’s hoping the book is waiting for me when I get home.


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