New book, new series coming

I have a new book, new series coming soon.

It feels odd to be talking about something that hasn’t released yet, but I’m trying to be better about promotion.

So, what is it? What is it about?

Middle Grade Mystery/Adventure

The book is really an homage to books I read when I was young(er). Think about the Hardy Boys and the Three Investigators. Both series are from bygone eras (the Hardy Boys started in the 1920’s, the Three Investigators in the 1960’s), but I think both still have relevancy.

Why? Because – and this is important – kids are smart. They are observant. They can do a lot more than they are often given credit for. I sometimes think that last point is completely on adults who simply don’t understand how “the younger” generation thinks.

Yes, the books are intended to be mysteries, but they are also about friendship and being able to count on your friends. They are about discovery, both of self and of the world around us.

The first book is all about three strangers who become friends at summer camp. They aren’t the strongest. They don’t come from affluence. In fact, they are on the fringe of the camp group. Outcasts for various reasons. They see something going on that isn’t right and, because they are on the outside, they are able to investigate what is going on.

What’s it called?

That is a very good question. It will be one of the following two titles:

  • The Mystery of Silver Lake, an Outkast Klub Mystery; or
  • The Mystery of Silver Lake, an Outcast Club Mystery.

I’m still on the fence around the spelling of Outkast Club (see what I did there?).

When can I get it (and where)?

We are working to get the book ready for release mid-December. I’m in the final edits now. It will be available in print and e-book formats from all your favourite online book resellers.


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