NaNoWriMo – Day 13

I was able to spend some quality time working on my NaNoNovel this morning. It resulted in almost a thousand new words toward my NaNo total. No new writing revelations though. I have figured out why I’ve been so tired. The time change to Daylight Savings seems to have thrown my system for a loop. It has meant that every evening when I start to write I get hit with a wave of fatigue. It makes it hard to concentrate, but I’m still getting the writing done.

As expected, I didn’t have any time to work on my writing during the day, but I was able to get back at it in the evening. And I was even able to do something I normally cannot do. I was able to watch television and write at the same time. My output wasn’t what it normally is, but ordinarily I can’t split my attention enough to multitask. but I had some success.

The NaNoNovel is now plotted out completely which really excites me. Now I can keep writing and finish the story as planned. I love that I can keep moving forward with it.

I also got a bunch of writing done on one of the two short stories I’m working on too. It’s coming along really well and should be ready for submission by the end of the month (yes, I’ll be doing some editing once I hit 50,000 words).

The writing is still a bit of a slog, but I’m feeling much more upbeat now that the plotting is all done.

I’ve got plans to do more tomorrow morning since I’m still away from home. I’ll have a good hour, maybe two to get some in.

I ended up writing an additional 1855 words today.

The breakdown was:

Morning word count: 894 words

Mid day: 0

Evening word count: 961 words

Total for day: 1855 words

NaNoWriMo running total: 34,020 words


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