NanoWriMo 2008 Was a Success

For those of you who have been following me, you know that the past couple weeks have been tough.  The biggest event (although not the only one) was the loss of my job via company-wide lay-off.  Not surprisingly, there were days when I didn’t feel like writing (or doing much of anything for that matter).  Still, I knew I had to get my 50,000 words written for NanoWriMo just like I knew that writing would be therapeutic.

So I continued to write.  Not everyday and some days I didn’t come close to my 2,500 word-per-day goal, but I kept moving forward.

While I was writing I was also reaching out to my network of friends to try and get leads on jobs.  Several people have already stepped up to help which I am very grateful for.  I was also very surprised at the number of people who encouraged me to keep writing (in fact, my wife practically forced me to sit down and work on my book :)).

So, I worked on the story and late last night I broke the 50,000 mark.  Let me tell you, in a week where I felt like I was constantly losing, it felt like a HUGE victory!  

Am I finished?  Hardly, but I’m more than half-way to being done the first draft.  Still lots of work to go once that’s done too (as many of you well know).

I’m sad to say I didn’t achieve everything I wanted during NanoWriMo.  In past years I have really enjoyed the camaraderie of Nano:  the write-ins, the chats, the forums and the meet-ups.  I haven’t done any of those this year.  I miss the social aspect of it, but I know it can’t be helped.  I’ll be there again next year.

But for what really matters, it was a success; not just achieving 50,000 words, but also reaffirming how important writing is to me.  I guess I am a writer.  There is no avoiding it and I think that fact makes me a better person than I could be if I wasn’t a writer.

Personal Update

Still out of work but I have several promising leads.  I’ve also started working with a job-finding firm which I believe will really help (I was admittedly skeptical when I first started).  I also have several friends working on my behalf too (Thank you everyone).

No news yet on either of my current submissions.  I know it’s still early for “Summer Camp Secrets” so I sit and keep my fingers crossed.

NanoWriMo book has exceeded 50,000 words.  Yay!  Celebration ensues.

My novel rewrite is looking very promising.  I’m hoping to have a submission-ready version by the January 1st.  That is the one good thing coming out of being unemployed :).

Have a great week and good luck to all you Nano’s out there.


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