Mik Murdoch 4 Gaining Momentum

Mik Murdoch gaining momentum

Mik Murdoch is starting to pick up momentum. I’ve sent the second major editing pass to the editor AND it finally has an honest-to-goodness title. That title will be, Mik Murdoch: Identity Troubles.

I knew what the book was about before I started writing it; kind of important, I’m sure you’ll agree. But, because it addresses a number of themes and ideas, the title was a tough one to nail down. I’m convinced we have the best title now (some of the earlier iterations were rather long).

The book has a July release date so a proper title (other than Mik Murdoch 4) is important. It’s also very helpful for the cover artist to be able to put a finished title on the new cover once it’s ready. 🙂

I also want to invite you to put up any reviews you might have of any of my books. I may just pull a quote from your review to put on the back of the book. Keep in mind, I probably won’t put up something like, “This book sucks on so many levels,” but…

Stay tuned. More to come!


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