Managing Priorities

Managing Priorities

Our lives are filled with often-conflicting events. Prioritizing those things is the only way to survive (and succeed).

In my case, my daughter was getting married AND I have a book to edit for publication (there are a couple more AND’s in there as well, but those are the two biggies).

If you’ve never had a book published before you might lean in that direction. It was never a question for me; my daughter did and always will take precedence over my writing. So, being the father of the bride, I spent my time supporting her and my wife as well as I could and prepared for the wedding. The book sat waiting for my attention.

Back to the Book

The wedding went off without a hitch on an absolutely perfect Saturday. Part of my duties included acting as the Master of Ceremonies. My preparation paid off and the reception was a success by all reports. It was an extremely long day, but a good one.

The other good thing? I’d given myself permission to let Scouts 3 sit until I was done so there were no nagging feelings of guilt. Now I can get back to my edits with my full attention.

Time is Critical

We want to publish the book, Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie Masters, in October. That makes the next couple weeks pretty important. There are all those post-edit steps that need to be taken: copy edits, layout, cover, promotion, printing, distribution, more promotion. Those things all take time and, in some cases, cannot be done simultaneously. I estimate I have to have this round of edits complete by the third week of July to hit my deadlines.

More About the Book

Scouts of the Apocalypse: Zombie Masters is the third and final installment in this trilogy (yes, unlike Douglas Adams, I AM doing a trilogy in three-parts, not four). Mind you, if the right idea comes along, there could conceivably be a fourth book at some point. I’ll never say never.

This book chronicles how, and more importantly, who, is responsible for the zombie plague discovered in book one. More about how it was distributed as well. The book is meant to close off this particular story line. That being said, I will almost certainly leave a few dangling threads; that’s the only way to leave the audience wanting more AND they leave openings for future stories. Maybe a follow-up trilogy.

Only time will tell.


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