Let Me Tell You About My Character – Felonious Fenduke Filtcher IV

Felonious Fenduke Filtcher IV is one of my favorite characters to write. Not because he is particularly intelligent (he is, but in a VERY insane sort of way) or handsome or strong. He is, however, a villain of the moustache twirling variety.

Did I mention he is also insane?

Felonious is the feature villain in the Jack Kane series co-written by JR Murdoch and myself. It is a real mashup of Steampunk, Superhero, Adventure, Comedy and probably a couple other genres. It is also hilarious (at least in my opinion) and so fun to write.

Felonious comes from a very good family in England. In fact, his family was nobility until the American War of Independence from England. It turns out they made a mistake in reading a map and ended up on the wrong side of an important battlefield and were accused of being collaborators with the colonists. That led to the entire family being stripped of their titles and the loss of all resources.

Felonious wants his family re-instated on the rolls of nobility. He is more than willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. Since he has been banished to the shores of the Americas, specifically New York City, his efforts involve creating chaos and conflict in hopes that good Queen Victoria will benefit and bring him back home.

Felonious is a genius and very adept at building Steampunk tech out of junk. Since he owns a junkyard, that is extremely fortuitous.

He has a loyal man-Friday (Bennington, his butler) who keeps him out of serious trouble and two faithful if somewhat slow slabs of muscle (aka goons) working for him. The Goons, Lenny and Squiggy, are prone to getting him back into trouble.

The first book in the series, Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty is a great introduction into Felonious’ world and lots of fun besides. The series is published by Champagne Books. Book 2 is currently in edits.

Where can you find Felonious?




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