Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty

I don’t talk about my books enough (although my daughter might disagree).

For example, Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty was release in July and, other than a handful of tweets and some posts to Facebook, I didn’t really say a ton. At least, not compared to some.

And by some, I mean those folks who Tweet nothing but promotionals for their newest work. THAT is not my way of doing things. In point of fact, I actually despise those types of Tweeters.

I try to hit that delicate balance where I’m neither talking too much nor too little about something. I’m pretty sure I fail epically on the too little side of things.

So, with all that said, let me spend a little bit of time talking about Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty.JackKane-EBOOK

About Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty

The book is a fun mash up of Get Smart and Austin Powers all set in Victorian New York. In the story, our hero, Jack Kane, catches wind of a plot intended to bring the United States of America to ruin. He is correct that a plot is being hatched. He is just wrong about what is actually being done and by whom.

The story has mystery, intrigue, fights with bowler hatted ninjas, explosions, evil super villains, henchmen, spies, a little romance and, of course, a steam-powered mech battle royale in Central Park.

JR Murdock and I decided the book had to be Steampunk AND it had to be funny. We think we were successful on both fronts.

Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty is currently an eBook-only. You can purchase it at:

Why We Wrote Jack Kane

JR Murdock and I knew of each other from Twitter and had communicated prior to this project. It was suggested by a mutual acquaintance that we had similar styles and should write a book together.

We met via Skype one night to talk over the idea and, a couple hours later, had a working plot for a book that we were both excited about. A few months later we had a book that we were pretty proud of with characters that we wanted to spend more time with.

We also have two more books plotted, the second already being written…and believe me, the fun definitely continues. 🙂


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