Entering the E-Age

I’ve finally taken the plunge and it has only taken my first two stories being published in e-format to do it. I now have an e-reader.

It’s a step I’ve wanted to take for a while; I really wanted an iPad, but finances simply don’t allow it. However, I can’t complain about the e-reader I’ve got (we’ll see how I feel after I’ve had it a few months).

There have been several hints that I should get an e-reader. Over the past couple years I’ve received a number of books to review/critique in e-format. The problem with this is most of my reading is done away from my computer. So how do I read them? My iPod touch will act as an e-reader but it is much too small for continued use.

Now I have a device that will do the work for me and it has already changed the way I’m approaching my book purchases.

Like many of you, I only have so much room for books. In fact, I’ve got books in boxes, behind DVDs, on shelves under the stairs and a few other places. The key to all the various storage places is I only have easy access to a few of them. The rest are in places I can’t get to easily.

With that in mind I’m now looking at buying my books in e-format. That way, I can keep them all in one place. If I want a book for signing purposes, I’ll buy a paper copy then. Since I tend to read my books many times, having them in one place will be much handier.

And, I don’t need to buy a bigger house to store all my books in either. 🙂

Personal Update

Not much going on right now. I’m on holidays for the next couple weeks and promised the family I would give them more attention than my writing. It hasn’t stopped me from thinking about it though 🙂

Also, the print edition of my story “Stolen Immortality” is now available from Wolfsinger Publications. The magazine is “Mystic Signals” and can be found either on Createspace or Amazon. As I mentioned before, if you are reading the e-version, you can leave a tip or vote for my story. Both will help me and the magazine out a great deal.


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