We all need a break from the everyday from time-to-time. Recharging our batteries is essential if we want to stay healthy and happy.

I am doing exactly that right now. The family and I are on vacation for almost three weeks. It feels incredibly strange to not get up every morning, catch the bus and train and go to work. Strange, but awesome at the same time.

I had these big plans to get up early every morning and write. Plans that lasted exactly one day before I started sleeping in. Still, I think I needed that sleep to catch up and start my relaxation. I also needed the rest to kick my muse back into high gear.

Oddly, family, work and all of the writing and podcasting projects have been wearing me down and I was having trouble actually writing good, new work.

That all changed yesterday when I did manage to sit down and write for more than an hour. I knocked off the first chapter of Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero 2.

Some of you may be saying, “but didn’t you already write Mik 2?”

The answer is ‘yes’, but I’ve learned so much since I wrote it AND the story changed slightly at the end of the last book. I also had a suggestion from my brilliant editor that meant, although the plot will remain largely the same, the focus of the second book will change pretty drastically (for the better). Those conditions all meant I had to rewrite the book, essentially from scratch.

After finishing the first chapter yesterday, I think the rewrite is going to be really worthwhile. I know, I’m having fun getting back into Mik’s head and writing the story. In fact, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm for the story, right now.

I’ll ride that train for as long as I can.

Yup, the downtime has really been a blessing so far. I know, I’ve been working hard and stressing over the launch of Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero (less than a month away now). It feels good to have the break. I hope I can come back and really rock the whole launch thing.

Mind you, that is largely up to you, my reading audience. How about I keep my fingers crossed instead?

Now, back to writing!


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