Day 7

I called it. The minute I started to feel like I had a handle on things, it would be hard. So went day 7.

Now, I grant you, I had a couple additional demands on my time for Day 7 and I didn’t have the opportunity to really think about what I wanted to write. If I had, I have no doubt it would have gone much differently.

As it was, while I still hit my word count for the day, I don’t think any of it will be usable in the book. But, I can’t edit what I didn’t write down.

Going forward

It would be easy to start hyperventilating and tell myself that I’ve run out steam and there isn’t enough content for a book. Instead, on my walk into work this morning, I came up with a couple fun things to write into the story. Things that both develop the character and foreshadow things to come.

Nope. No hyperventilating here. At least, not today. In fact, not for the next few days; I think I’ve generated enough new ideas that I can go for a little while at least.

Considering I’m half-way through the writing of the draft, that’s a good thing. The content I’ve got in my mind will definitely move the story forward in an enjoyable way and bring me that much closer to the finish line.

There is one plot element – and it’s a big one – that I need to figure out. I get closer to working out how it will happen with every new development. I’m confident I will come up with something that both concludes the story in a satisfying way and sets up the next (and last) book in this series.

Word Count for the day: 1695  (total words to date:  12,151)


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