Day 11 – A new high

I managed a new high on Day 11. I had a single day word count of 2683 words. That brought me right back in line with my daily goal. It was a good writing day. I managed to get more story  going that helps tie some of the big scenes together.

Next steps

Day 12 will be more challenging. We have a big family meal happening so I won’t get a chance to do any writing until it gets later. That’s okay though. I left myself a hook to keep writing. It is sometimes good to stop in the middle of a scene. It keeps your mind in the story and leaves you somewhere to pick up and keep going.

One of the benefits and problems of writing a series is how you get to keep adding new characters and world to play with and in. Keeping track of it all and bringing some of those elements in to later books can be a challenge. Another challenge is those story threads you leave dangling (on purpose) in earlier books to build on in later books. I have several of those and they are proving to be fun to bring into this book.

To hit my day 12 goal, I will have to hit 20,000 words or 40% of the way through the challenge.

Word count of the day: 2683 (total word count so far: 18,344)


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