I don’t like to do change for change sake, but occasionally it becomes clear to me that what I am doing currently isn’t working. “What I am doing” could be anything from my writing schedule to the time I get up in the morning for work.

There have been a few things that seem to be out of sync lately and I’m not exactly sure why. For example, I can’t seem to get ANY kinds of comments on any of my projects. That includes comments on my Wattpad work, reviews of my books, comments about podcast episodes or even my blog posts.

Is that because I am so vanilla that people simply don’t have anything to comment on? I don’t know. I’m not about to start throwing out controversial topics just for the shock factor. So what is the answer? An inquiring mind wants to know.

I’ve also wanted to spruce up my online image too so, I finally got around to updating the website. It isn’t finished by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I’ve put the pieces in place to make some of those changes.

I also keep threatening to do a newsletter. It is time to get that little project underway. Really, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Updates on what I’m doing, examples of edits I’ve been asked to make on my books with before/after examples. Some extra little goodies to say thank you to the people who have subscribed. (note to self: stop thinking about what needs to go into the newsletter and just write the darn thing!)

I’m also going to try and spend a little time talking to people online. Forums and such have never been my friends; they always seem to take too much time and deliver too little reward. I need to look at it from a different angle and re-engage people.

Oh yes, and I need to get writing GalaxyBillies 2 (not to mention a short story that is keeping me up at night). Yup, I need to get these changes implemented and underway.


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