Are We Having Fun Yet?

For me, writing is an enjoyable thing.  I love developing stories and characters and I really enjoy getting the story down on paper.  Every once in a while I’m able to write a scene that really touches me and I know it’s all worth it.

It’s not always like that, though.  There are days when I’ve had a hard day at work or I’m not feeling particularly well or… well, any of a hundred things happen and I just don’t wanna write (picture grown man jumping up and down in a tantrum).  Those are the days that I take a pass and do something else (preferably something I enjoy).

Happily, that only happens occasionally.

I have found that some writing is more fun than others.  I wrote my fantasy novel over a 7-year period and it was a slog.  I liked doing it, but it was hard!  The fact that it was my first piece of long-fiction had a lot to do with the pain I felt writing it, I’m certain.  It didn’t help that the book was serious fantasy.

When I wrote my “Mik Murdoch” novel during my first Nanowrimo, I had an absolute blast.  The entire time I was working on it, I can only think of a couple days where I had any difficulty.  I think that was largely because the plot was light and the character was fun.  It made things easy.  The second “Mik Murdoch” story was almost as enjoyable to write for exactly the same reasons.

When I wrote “Summer Camp Secrets” (my newest novel for Juvenile Readers), it was still fun, but, being a more serious book, forced me to buckle down more.  The hard deadline I set contributed to how I felt about writing it too.

So, where am I going with all this?

I guess what I’m trying to say is I enjoy writing.  It is relaxing and fulfilling for me.  If it wasn’t, I would probably quit doing it.  I hope I’m still having a good time when I’m under contract otherwise it won’t make for a good career choice.

I’m also trying to say that I (and you) should remember that writing is fun when times get tough.  Rejection letters are always hard to get.  That’s when you look at the joy you had when you wrote the story.  That should be enough to buck you up to send it out again (and write another).

I don’t ever want writing to just be a business for me.  I want to get enjoyment out of every story I write.

Personal Update

I got my first critique back for “Summer Camp Secrets” last week and I was thrilled.  It was sent to me by my author friend, Darren Krill.  He was very positive only saying he didn’t like the title (not Summer Camp Secrets, either.  A different title).  So, off to the publishers it will go this week.


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