Adventures in La La Land

I usually have a laser-like focus for my blogging, podcasting and writing. Note, I said “usually”.

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty scattered. I think it has something to do with work and the number of other projects I’ve got on the go. To make matters worse, when I’m doing something besides my actual writing and revising projects I feel guilty and cannot even enjoy periods of relaxation.

So, I decided to step back for a couple days and try to clear my head. The problem is, I stepped too far back and totally forgot to do my regular post.

I also owe a couple people guest posts and there is the whole book revision thing too.

But, I do think I needed to get out of the game for a few days just so I could step back in with fresh eyes and mind.

So, that is exactly what I’ve done.

It actually felt weird stepping away from writing and podcasting, but refreshing at the same time but now it is time to get back at it.

See you back in the trenchs.


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