The Proof is the Next Step

The process of publishing a book can be a long one with many steps. The author, of course, has to present a clean, completed manuscript to a publisher. It has to be well-written and interesting and something the publisher is prepared to spend money on.

Once that is agreed to, there is the contract, the editing, revisions, more revisions and finally a manuscript that is ready to see print.

Or is it?

The publisher then lays out the book and then… well then the laid out book is sent to the author (and other proof-readers) for final review as a galley.

That is where I’m at right now. This minute, in fact. My publisher, Lorina, sent me my galley on Monday and I’ve been steadily going through it ever since.

It is a very cool thing to have. I can now see what the physical book will look like.

The interesting thing is, I’m seeing errors in this format that I didn’t see before. It amazes me what I’m finding.

Once I have finished reviewing the galley, I will send any changes off to Lorina. She will create the ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies) and send them out.

It is getting REALLY exciting now. I can almost see the end of this particular tunnel. I hope I can make it until August 1st (launch day) without exploding.


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