New Story Ideas

One of the real painful aspects of being a writer is…well, simply put, writing a quality story takes time. In fact, for me, the act of writing/revision/re-revision takes long enough that by the time I’m done, I’ve probably had two, three or more new story ideas.

Naturally, the new story ideas are shiny and exciting…and totally out-of-reach because I’ve already got so many projects on the back burner.

For example, I had an idea two nights ago for a quadrology (is that right? 4 books in the series?)

The idea hasn’t left my mind since it first burst upon the scene. Problem is, I’ve got to get Mik Murdoch: The Power Within done, Jack Kane & the Statue of Liberty done (both are under contract and scheduled for 2014 release), plus the Portal Under the Sink Anthology done. Those are the projects with deadlines.

Beyond that are the remaining books in the Mik Murdoch series to write, the remaining books in the Jack Kane series to write, GalaxyBillies to finish posting to Wattpad followed by the final two books in that series and self-publishing Boyscouts of the Apocalypse.

Oh yeah, and I still need to work the day job, spend time with my family, podcast, look at a Dieselpunk idea Mr. Scott Roche and others have been talking about and…

…I think my brain just melted under all the projects coming and going.

All these great ideas and not enough time to write them. Like I said earlier, painful. And a blessing at the same time. I know I won’t ever have to worry about not having stories to tell which is wonderful. Unfortunately, I also know I won’t ever get to tell them all.



  1. Oh, that’s so terrible and so true. I stopped writing down my ideas a long time ago. I figured, if a story idea keeps cropping up a year later, then I’ll write it. Otherwise, I move on or finish the story/stories I’m working on now. I just have to remind myself that these “old” stories were once new, shiny and irresistible.

  2. I think perhaps I might try totally giving up on sleep (now down to about 6 hours a night). See if that won’t improve my productivity. 😉

    Either that or it will contribute to some truly epic hallucinations.

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