There are definitely times when I am feeling somewhat less than motivated to work on that next book or story. I know I’ve got deadlines, but the story is dragging or I’m tired or not feeling well.

Then there are times when I simply cannot wait to get the next book written. Those are, I’m happy to say, happening more and more frequently. Most often, these motivations are triggered by a fan telling me how much they enjoyed my book or books.

Tonight I had the pleasure to hang out with a local Cub Scout group. I’ve been with them before as a guest author. This time the few I saw last year were telling their buddies who I hadn’t met about my books.

It’s one thing for me to talk about my books. It is an entirely different thing to hear someone else espousing the virtues of them.

Several of the Cub Scouts asked me if I was writing another Mik Murdoch book. The excitement they showed at the prospect of another book was awesome.

Awesome enough that I’m overcoming the fatigue I’ve been feeling and digging back into the story.

Mik Murdoch 3 (first draft) is almost 50% completed. That is exciting in itself and scary too. But, I’m not going to give up now because I know there are people waiting for the next book. That is motivation enough because I don’t want to disappoint my readers.


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