A Ways to Go

I couple weeks ago my publisher, Robert Runte’, suggested I changed this website’s tagline from “from an amateur’s perspective” to “from a former amateur’s perspective.”

I thought about his comment for a couple days before I went ahead and made the change as he suggested because…well, I AM being paid for my writing (more often than not) which, by definition, makes me a professional writer.

That doesn’t mean I have arrived and can quit learning, however.

I’ve still got LOTS to learn. That means, I still have lots to share.

For example, I’m only just going into my second book’s edits. It is the second book in a series, which is also new to me.

In case you didn’t hear, I learned so much editing Mik Murdoch, Boy Superhero, I actually rewrote book 2 from scratch (I will almost certainly do the same for book 3 when the time comes). It is my plan to share the editorial comments (and what I do with them) in my newsletter. I will likely show a couple of the edits from the first book in my upcoming newletters. (please sign up in the top right corner of the website if you are interested in receiving the newsletter, btw).

Still, writing is not a static thing. You don’t learn it once and are done. No, there is always learning to do: different genres to try, different forms of writing (i.e. screenplays as an example) and so on.

I will also be trying my hand at Wattpad and self-publishing in the coming months. I definitely want to share how that goes too.

So, amateur, or professional or something in between, you are stuck with me for a while yet. 🙂


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