A New Day Dawns

We’re all tired of talking about it. We’re all tired of reflecting on it. And yet, it is now part of our daily lives.

Yes. I am talking about wearing pants.

The weather is getting colder here and pants are becoming more and more necessary. Not just to keep those increasingly frigid blasts of air from freezing important bits and pieces but because it is expected that those of us who have to go into the office should be professional.

We have to think of our fellow co-workers and commuters otherwise chaos and civil unrest could commence.

I know we’ve all gotten comfortable in our hermitic life-styles. We didn’t have to dress for success. We rarely saw others so bunny slippers and a housecoat, curlers (for those of you with long-flowing hair – note, I said, “Those of you” – my hair is neither long-flowing nor thick enough to support curlers anymore) and perhaps the occasional shower were enough to get through the day.

Not enough anymore, I dare say. Now we have to embrace the fact that we will be, more and more, around people. The government isn’t going to mandate pants (even to avoid the previously mentioned chaos and civil unrest). No! Now we have to take it upon ourselves to consider the welfare of others. We must embrace this new dawn where pants are not just functional, but an integral part of the continued well-being of our very civilization.

So join me in welcoming pants into our lives. New styles will assuredly emerge. Don’t fear being fashionable.

If not for yourself, do it for the children.


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