Get Published Episode 17 – NanoWriMo, Why Do We Do It?

Hello Everyone.

NanoWriMo is back and once again I am participating. I thought it might be interesting to talk to a couple of other participants to understand why they chose to be involved to. It’s a LONG episode (I’ve been trending that way lately) but I think you will enjoy it.

Get Published, Episode 17 – NanoWriMo, Why Do We Do It?

Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published, Episode 17 – NanoWriMo, Why Do We Do It?

  • Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

0:14 — Introduction – Show #17 – NanoWriMo, Why Do We Do It?

Welcome to the show.

01:12 — Promos: Special Get Published/JC Hutchins Promo

01:24 — Feedback – Show #17 – NanoWriMo, Why Do We Do It? (continued)

  • Jack Jaffee asks “Can promoting your newly published book cost you more than it’s worth?”
  • Email feedback at getpublishedpodcast dot com with your comments or call the voiceline at (206) 203-2031

06:04 — Promos: Cheating Death

07:20 — Show #17 – NanoWriMo, Why Do We Do It?  (continued)

Scott Roche, Jim Perry and I are all taking up the NanoWriMo challenge this year. Why are we doing it to ourselves and what do we hope to gain?

1:17:18 — Promos: Down from 10

1:18:44— Closing

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