Get Published, Episode 13 – Self Publishing with Harold Curtis

NEW Update

OK, so here’s the scoop… I had two versions of the podcast; a raw and a final. I ended up loading the raw version which, as you have heard, has a number of problems. The new version is now available for download.

Sorry for all the confusion. If you get it using iTunes, delete the old episode, check for all episodes of ‘Get Published’ and select Episode 13. That will pull it down for you.


Well, crap! I just listened to the episode and I have about 1 minute of dead space where the Varient Frequencies promo is supposed to play and I won’t be near my gear until late tonight. Please bear with me and I will get it fixed.

Sorry for this. That’s what happens when I run short of time and don’t listen to the finished product.


Hello Everyone.

I’ve had a lot of questions about Twitter, specifically “Why bother?” so I thought I would give some of my thoughts on the matter. I also have a great interview with Harold Curtis.


Get Published, Episode 13 – Self Publishing with Harold Curtis

Show Notes

00:00 — Opening – Get Published, Episode 13

  • Everything has to start somewhere and this is the start of “Get Published”

0:14 — Introduction – Show #13: Self Publishing with Harold Curtis

Welcome to the show.

00:38 — Promos: Variant Frequencies

01:39 — Show #13: Self Publishing with Harold Curtis (continued)

  • Michell talks about Twitter and why it is a valuable Social Media tool
  • Email feedback at getpublishedpodcast dot com with your comments or call the voiceline at (206) 339-1258

08:48 — Promos: Goblin Market

09:54 — Show #13: Self Publishing with Harold Curtis (continued)

I talk with Harold Curtis ( about his publishing journey and why he chose self-publishing as a means to see his work in print.

36:58 — Promos: V & A Shipping

38:02— Closing

Let me know what you think and definitely use the voicemail line to your heart’s content!



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