GalaxyBillies – Episode 8

Hello, my friends. Well, the group consensus seems to be that the name for fans of GalaxyBillies should be “Kinfolk”. So a big “HEY” to all the Kinfolk out there. In honour of this momentous occasion I’m going to setup a page for GalaxyBillies with a show description and link to all the episodes. I’m also going to set up a page for all the kinfolk out there.

So here’s what I’d like you to do: send me your name or Internet handle to kinfolk at irreverentmuse dot com and I’ll generate a kinfolk name for you. Those I will post on the kinfolk page. I won’t be doing anything more with them (yet), but I’m noodling on what would be appropriate. Let’s have some fun with this.

Zeke is the hero and main POV character in this episode and you know that can’t be good. We also see that the Galaxy is taknig a greater and more menacing interest in the humans.

Finally, there have been a few of you (maybe more that I’m not aware of) spreading the word. Please continue to do so. I have also created a Group ( and a Fan Page ( on Facebook. If you feel so motivated, please join one or both.

Enjoy the episode.


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