GalaxyBillies – Episode 7

Hey Everyone, I think I’m back on my bi-weekly schedule. In this episode the GalaxyBillies are on the planet Cornucopia or “The Reserve” as it is known. They have come to this planet to acquire food, something they didn’t have time for after the debacle on Sin Station.

They aren’t on the planet very long before they discover that they may not be alone.

I also want to propose the name “The Kinfolk” for you fans out there. What do you think? Leave me a comment, send me a voicemail or whatever to let me know.

Finally, there have been a few of you (maybe more that I’m not aware of) spreading the word. Please continue to do so. I have also created a Group ( and a Fan Page ( on Facebook. If you feel so motivated, please join one or both.

Enjoy the episode.



  1. Another great one Mike. The nick names that Betty-Sue came up with for the ship had me rolling, especially the one you started out the episode with! Oh man, that was a good laugh. Well done my friend.

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