GalaxyBillies – Episode 2

Hello Everyone,

Episode 2 has finally arrived.

In this episode, we begin to see some of the plotting that is going on among the hillbillies. They are only hours away from arriving at SinStation where they hope to get supplies and some much needed time away from the Grokmar.

I hope you enjoy the show and, as always, you can call my voicemail line at 206.203.2031 or leave me a comment here or email me at galaxybilly at irreverentmuse dot com.

Also, take a moment to leave a rating and comment on iTunes. You will now find a GalaxyBilly feed there. Don’t make me beg now, ya hear!



  1. Thanks Dan. I’ve got to start introducing some conflict (even if it’s hidden for now). It will definitely factor into future episodes.

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